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About Taxi Dancing

What is Taxi Dancing @ HBX Bachata Expo Hawaii!

Pro or advance Dancers that love social dancing, period. BTW, spots are fully booked. We apologized for other dancers that applied. We will look you up on the next one.

7 Hours total (3 days) of Dancing Required for 3 nights on 4 Ballrooms. You get a Full Pass ($350 Value) + Meals ($150 Value). You have to be an advance or pro dancer to be accepted. Unlike the original concept, the Taxi Dancers will not have a neon wristband, but they will be wearing artist wristband, and they will ask you to dance.

NOTE: Originally, by principle (popular in Europe & Asia), I never liked the idea of Taxi Dancers (there is a stigma to it), BUT ARE BREAKING THE STIGMA. We are tweaking the concept & making a few changes & bringing it in the USA, to our festivals. We just hate it when there are some congress attendees sitting & just watching people social dancing because they don't have the courage to ask a person to dance, or they feel that they are not good enough to dance. I don't want anyone ever to ever feel ignored at our events.


For HBX, Taxi dancers & fellow attendees have a maximum of 3 dances only with one person on a given night. Taxi dancers duty is to ask someone for a dance or be asked to dance regardless of someone's dance level (beginners or advance). It is prohibited for taxi dancers to ask for (or accept) money or tips. THIS IS NOT AN ESCORT SERVICE. This is an added feature for HBX to ensure that everyone enjoy experiencing the EXPO.



Meet The Taxi Team


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